East African Greens Womens Training

By Global Greens

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What is The Global Greens Women's Network (GGWN)?

GGWN supports the participation of women in democratic political processes, by focusing on:

  • Capacity building and empowerment: training and developing skills, such as public speaking and leadership.
  • Governance and participation: confronting inequalities at the organisational level and exchanging best practices to tackle them and promote participation.
  • Campaigning about major topics relevant to women: such as gender justice and climate change.

The GGWN works locally around the world through regional networks, such as the East African Greens Federation Women's Network (EAGF-WN) which connects women from Burundi, Kenya, Rwanda and Uganda.  The EAGF-WN is conducting this training project for women from the Greens Federations in West Africa, Central Africa, South Africa and North Africa as well!

The Challenge

Global climate change and persistent poverty are large, long-term challenges for human development. Although climate change affects everyone, it impacts more on women.

In many East African societies women are responsible for the agricultural work and providing for their families nutrition. Educating women about the causes & effects of climate change, and actions which they can take to mitigate and adapt, can increase the resilience of whole families while also enabling women to overcome the poverty which inhibits them from participating in politics and decision making.

The EAGF-WN has observed that due to poverty households are resorting to firewood as a source of fuel, and the resulting deforestation worsens the impact of climate change on their environment. 

The East African Greens Federation Women's Network aims to break this vicious this cycle of poverty and climate change, read on to learn how!

Here’s what we’re doing about it

The East African Greens Federation Women's Network (EAGF-WN) is campaigning to educate women to use firewood replacements such as:

  • energy from renewable sources,
  • energy saving stoves and LED light bulbs
  • solar lamps, cookers, and
  • energy efficient briquettes which can be sold for additional income.

EAGF-WN is campaigning to raise awareness that escaping poverty requires protecting nature. That's why EAGF-WN wants to conduct a training with the following objectives. 

Training Objectives:

  • To educate women on pro-poor and eco-friendly energy technologies and alternative energy sources like solar.

  • To demonstrate for women how to make and use briquettes and energy saving stoves and for city dwellers show them examples of LED energy saver bulbs.

  • Disseminate information from COP23, especially regarding Gender and climate change and highlights on the recently passed COP23 Gender Action Plan, to create awareness.

Benefits of the Training:

Green Party

Climate change brings about hunger and low agricultural productivity which results in poverty. These three UN Sustainable Development Goals are inter-related: Goal #1 "No poverty", Goal #2 "No hunger", and Goal #13 "Climate Change".

Workshop benefits include:

  • building the participant's own capacity,
  • disseminating the information across the region because the Green female leaders will incorporate their education into their local campaigns.
  • growing the Green party, because talking about something that is a burning issue in society will win votes for our women Greens thereby making our Green party more popular in East Africa.

Each time EAGF-WN members meet, they share ideas and their networking links them, building their relationship and making them stronger. It also creates a sense of belonging and motivates them.

The Green parties in East Africa will hence benefit from this project by having a strong network, which attracts other people to join and grows party membership.

You can join us

By donating to this project you will help the East African Greens Federation Women's Network to hold this workshop and to include more participants. 

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