DONT WALK x Salam LADC Refugee Support

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For the next three weeks a team from DONT WALK is volunteering in Lebanon with our partner charity Salam LADC to help provide aid, medical assistance, and long-term education support to some of the over 1.3 million refugees currently in Lebanon; half are whom are under the age of 18.

The vast numbers accompany unimaginable needs for people that have already borne the horrors of war; within just a short drive of Salam’s base there are over 200,000 refugees living in freezing conditions as they face the harsh Bekaa winter in makeshift tarpaulin tents.

Together, with the money you donate we will provide food and fuel for heating to the most vulnerable, education to enable them access to proper schooling and a brighter future, and fund life-saving medical treatment for those who cannot afford it.


$2 buys a pair of shoes or essential medicine

$10 provides enough heating fuel to keep a family warm for a week

$25 gives a family enough food to support them for a month

$100 can provide life saving treatment

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