Dear Me - Dangers of Drugs

By Wyhldfisch Productions

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On the 17th of April 2005, nine Australians, between the ages of 18 and 28, were arrested at Denpasar Airport as they attempted to smuggle 8.3kgs of heroin out of Bali. Seven of the Bali Nine were handed life sentences. The two convicted ringleaders, Myuran Sukumaran and Andrew Chan, were sentenced to death by firing squad.

Dear Me – Dangers of Drugs is Andrew Chan’s story. Based on a six-page letter written by Andrew while incarcerated on death row in Bali’s Kerobokan Prison, Dear Me tells of his experience, the repercussions of the decisions he made and gives an insight into his existence in prison. He wrote this letter in the hope that it reaches high school students and that his story will make them think more about their lives and the decision they make.

“Andrew’s story became a very personal project and journey for me as I lost my sister to drugs,” says Malinda. The purpose of this documentary is to reach the audience that Andrew intended – high school students who have their whole lives ahead of them. With drugs seemingly infiltrating all aspects of society, in all parts of the world, we are all only one decision away from being catapulted into their downward spiral.”

Dear Me – Dangers of Drugs brings Andrew’s story to life, in all its stark reality, consequences and inevitable confrontations. Malinda Rutter, Wyhldfisch Director and the documentary’s producer, was able to gain unprecedented access to Andrew Chan inside the infamous Indonesian prison where he tells his story, not just to explain his circumstances but as a cautionary tale to those who make bad decisions.

With nearly one in five deaths in Australia being drug-related, this growing trade of illicit drugs into and within Australia, has reached mammoth proportions and is destroying many young lives. According to a recent Australian Crime Commission report, an illicit drug arrest is made every six minutes. Last year authorities seized a whopping $2.7 billion worth of drugs. Unfortunately, this is just the tip of the iceberg.

Dear Me – Dangers of Drugs conveys a compelling and moving message. It is a first-hand account of one young man paying with his life for a bad decision. Dear Me – Dangers of Drugs has the potential to influence minds and save lives. It is an important watch for EVERY young Australian.


Dear Me – Dangers of Drugs is a self-funded project, produced by Wyhldfishbowl, the not-for-profit arm of Wyhldfisch Productions, which has been set up to serve the community by creating films based on socially, relevant topics in the hope of implementing positive change.

Wyhldfischbowl believes that Dear Me – Dangers of Drugs is an important, must watch documentary for Year 10 to 12 students in all high schools across Australia. Our aim is to enable the distribution of this documentary accompanied by teacher resources and study guides to all high schools across Australia. If watching this saves just one life, helps young Australians make better decisions, then not only has Andrew’s wish been realised but Australia becomes a better, safer place.


Having spent over AUD $140,000.00 to make the film, we now need your help in getting the film into schools. Your dollars will help us:

  • Reach all Australian high schools
  • Create online engagement platforms for young students
  • Increase access to the documentary via online distribution options
  • Assign resources to promote the film and the message via social media
  • Create teacher’s notes and study guides

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