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Cycling Without Age is an amazing experience.  Nothing beats witnessing the joy of the elderly, pilots, staff and volunteers interact on and around the trishaw and seeing the smiles of passengers coming back from their first ride with wind in their hair, full of smiles and stories.

Cycling Without Age is an international not-for-profit organization operating in 37 countries.  With 1500 trishaws worldwide and over 50,000 elderly people enjoying rides, the program encourages people aging in a positive context, using cycling as a means to bridge generations.   

In Australia  we have over 30 Chapters offering rides to hundreds of elderly or people with mobility issues every day.

We want more trishaws in Australia, which ultimately means more seniors with "the right to wind in their hair."  

To help new and currently operating Chapters around Australia we need your help keeping Cycling Without Age Australia sustainable.

Help us make that happen with a tax deductible gift!

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