Take climate action and support renewable community power.

By Community Owned Renewable Energy Mullumbimby

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Did you know?

Scientists say we have now entered the anthropocene epoch - human impacts such as climate change are altering our home, planet earth, in ways that never were previously imaginable.

The problem

There are many exciting initiatives now ocurring to tackle the climate crisis. However, Australian's continue to be the biggest carbon polluters per capita. Unfortunately, our emissions continue to grow as we already are beginning to experience first hand the impacts of a changing climate on our environment and society.

Here’s what we’re doing about it

At COREM we know our community is passionate for action to reduce carbon pollution and our reliance on fossil fuels. We can create a just and equitable electricity system.

COREM is building community-owned solar projects. Every solar panel we install not only reduces the need for coal generated power but saves community associations money on their electricity bill. However, what is really great, is that your donation not just installs solar once, but savings from the reduced electricity bill are returned to COREM's Revolving Community Energy Fund so that we can keep installing more solar. You can be part of this truely sustainable solution knowing your donation gets used again and again to further reduce our reliance on carbon polluting electricity.

If many of us take a small step, this cumulatively creates strides in taking back the power to decarbonise, democratise and decentralise our electricity network.

You can join us

In 2016, COREM's first year, we funded 3 community solar projects in the greater Mullumbimby area. We have another 2 projects ready to build as soon as we get the remaining funds together. As soon as we raise another $7,500 we can install solar on the Federal Community Hall and the Brunswick Valley Historical Society Museum. We have calculated how much carbon pollution is offset by your donation, so you know you are doing your bit to reduce your climate impact. You also are part of a bigger movement that gives community groups greater financial resilience and grows COREM's Community Revolving Energy Fund where electricity bill savings from the solar installations continue to fund more projects.

And here’s some amazing perks you receive for taking climate action

All donations are fully tax deductable - what an amazing perk from the ATO :) (and even better, you are forcing the government, through solar STC rebates, to spend money where you think it should be spent)

Every donation of $40 or more will be posted a carbon offset card showing the amount of carbon pollution avoided. You will also receive a COREM "flick fossil fuels" sticker.

Every donation over $50 is matched dollar for dollarby our passionate climate supporter the Crystal Castle.

(The Crystal Castle will donate up to a total crowdfunding contribution of $1500)

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