Christmas in 30 degrees C!

By Youth With A Mission Bolivia - Operation Restoration

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End of Year Celebrations in 30°C

Christmas at 30°C or over is very different to what we experience in the northern hemisphere. The main celebration starts in our homes at midnight on 24th December with a hog roast, sharing gifts and enjoying fireworks into the small hours of the morning.

The biggest challenge each year

is to raise all we need to cover the end of year holidays, as it is not only Christmas and New Year, but also the long summer holiday for all our children from end of November to beginning of February.

Our Bolivian staff also receive government mandated end of year holiday pay which amounts to two extra months salary, so they can also enjoy a great celebration with their own families.

We are raising £20,000...

to give all the children and teenagers in our care, as well as our Bolivian staff the best end of year ever. This includes celebration meals, great gifts, fireworks for our children and staff, as well as the holiday pay due to our amazing Bolivian staff, who are so dedicated to seeing the lives of these street children transformed through God's unconditional love for them.

You can join us

through your giving, so that, even in 30°C, many others may have a blessed and joyous Christmas season.

The reward is in seeing the smile on their faces as they celebrate Christmas, sometimes for the first time in their lives


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