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The Creative Future Writers' Award

The only free competition for all under-represented writers--those who face extreme barriers due to health, mental health, disability, identity or social circumstance.

Can you help?

We get over 1,000 entries from writers across the UK...including from secure mental health units, prisons and care homes.  Most of these talented new writers are unemployed and on benefits.

For many, it's the first time they've entered a literary competition--the first step on their journey as writers.  We want to pull barriers down for them, not put them up...

What We Do

We are:

finding & nurturing new voices from the margins

supporting them on the first steps in their careers

making UK literature more diverse

Since 2013, the CF Writers' Award has:

selected 72 writers

awarded £70,000 in development prizes from our partners

published 6 acclaimed anthologies

held showcase events as part of the London & Birmingham Literature Festivals and Charleston Festival

Winners have gone on to win other prizes, get published, and begin amazing careers...

“If you want further proof that there is exceptional, unique, game-changing talent standing in plain sight on the margins of our writing community look no further...There's gold here. Come discover it and then help amplify these voices and stories for all our sakes.”

 -Kerry Hudson, author of Lowborn & 2019 Chief Judge

Help us keep it FREE TO ENTER

We need to raise £2,000 to keep the CFWA 2020 competition free to enter...can you help us bring these new voices from the margins to the mainstream?

We've got some great rewards as thanks too...

(Why are we not just charging a £2 entry fee?  Many of our entrants don't have direct or secure access to IT or online payment accounts, and our new online portal can only take fees of £5 or more--which would be a big barrier to those we want to reach, as well as half going to processing fees...)

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