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Over one billion native animals died in the bushfire crisis

The recent bushfires that scorched Australia killed over one billion native animals, and galvanized the world’s attention. Whole populations of our most precious creatures were decimated, often because specialist wildlife medical care was not available. We cannot let this happen again.

Australia is not currently equipped to respond to large-scale wildlife emergencies

The bushfire crisis highlighted the massive gap in facilities to rescue, treat and rehabilitate injured and traumatised wildlife. Meeting the demand costs millions, and shockingly, there is no dedicated government funding.

During times of crisis for wildlife, most of the care comes in the form of pro-bono services from vets and charitable organisations. Their work is invaluable, but it is clear that a more sustainable solution is required.

A Mobile Wildlife Hospital is urgently needed

During construction of a permanent, specialist treatment and rehabilitation centre, Byron Bay Wildlife Hospital will operate as a semi-trailer sized Mobile Wildlife Hospital.

Equipped with specialist veterinary equipment, medicines and trained and skilled wildlife veterinarians, the Mobile Hospital can be rushed to wherever the wildlife emergency is. That way, our precious wildlife won’t endure the kind of catastrophe that occurred during the recent bushfires.

Your support is critical

The cost of the Mobile Wildlife Hospital is significant, totalling over $700,000.

We’ve already raised $180,000 through various fundraising activities and support from the United Nations Development Program, through our friends at Wild Ark.

But it will take the generosity and support of people from all over Australia, and even the world, to get this project off the ground in time for the fast-approaching fire season.

We are still in need of $520,000 in funding to get the Mobile Hospital on the road. Please give generously if you can and help us by spreading the word in your own networks.

We have full DGR-1 status and therefore all donations over $2 are tax-deductible.  

We are a registered charity. All funds raised will go directly to the creation of our Wildlife Hospital. No funds are held by Chuffed at any time, nor do they charge us any fees or commissions. Our alliance partner is supporting our crowdfunding campaign by handling all charitable donations on our behalf. supports biodiversity impact solutions to move towards a more environmentally sustainable world.

Would you like to make a significant tax-deductible contribution? 

Please contact us directly on +61 44 888 5453 to discuss how we can help each other and acknowledge your support. 

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Team Members

Dr Stephen Van Mil - CEO & Founder, Director, Byron Bay Wildlife Hospital

Chris Muir - Marketing Director

Dr David Blyde - Chair, Director, Byron Bay Wildlife Hospital

Dr Evan Kosack - Co Founder, Director, Byron Bay Wildlife Hospital

Dr Larry Vogelnest - Director, Byron Bay Wildlife Hospital

Fiona Gibson - The Architect

Grant Gasnier - The Builder

Harry Patchett - Social Media

Jo Schultz - Crowdfunder

Meadow Greenwood - Secretary & Director, Director, Byron Bay Wildlife Hospital

Peter Frare - Content Director

Russell Mills - Communications Director

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