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By Simon Elvery

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A little bit of context

In October 2016 the Australian Bureau of Meteorology launched a new mobile weather app which reportedly cost $200,000 to develop.

Is it value for money?

Without questioning the value or utility of the app (I've used it, it's good), I wanted to know why the Bureau considered this a good use of our tax money. 

There are already dozens of weather apps available, many of which already use BOM data. Why would entering this crowded market where consumers already have plenty of quality products to choose from be a worthwhile use of government time and money?

It's our right to know

To find the answer to these questions I made a freedom of information request to the BOM for their business case or cost/benefit analysis for this project.

It's our right to see this information, but under FOI laws, government agencies can impose a fee for producing these documents.

The BOM initially wanted $170 to find and release this document. I appealed this amount which they've agreed to reduce to $60.

Can you help pay their fee?

I've made the FOI request for these documents via the Right to Know website—a service which helps anyone more easily make FOI requests to government agencies.

When the BOM releases these documents they will automatically be made public for everyone to read and permanently archived on the Right to Know website.

Any small contribution you can make will be helping improve government transparency in Australia.


Incredibly, the fundraising goal was reached with a whold 57 days to go. Anything extra raised will be directly donated to OpenAustralia Foundation in support of Right to Know.

Or, if you were thinking of contributing here, feel free to directly donate to them instead.

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