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Things are progressing really well. We have received permission from the village leader and commune leader to move. We have found a great piece of land which already has a fence and will allow us to sign a 15 year contract. We have drafted up a land contract with a lawyer, and will soon be signing the lease. We have visited our friends at Stepping Stones to learn more about their building structure which we want to copy. We have started compiling a list of our poorest students parents with building experience who we want to employ for constructing our building.

Soon...we will start building!!

However, we do need additional funds, as we wish to build a small preschool classroom (4m x 5m) so we can move preschool class out of the library, thus being able to open our library all day for our students to be engaged in reading. We also need funds for painting, tiling, wooden hang downs to protect our classrooms from the sun, a study area, a play area, a garden and a pig farm.

So please, share with your friends, and assist us with empowering Cambodians to create sustainable futures!

**UPDATE 28TH MAY 2014**

Thanks to all the generous people who have donated online and offline, last night we reached our goal! We are now searching for land, chatting to the village leader, land rental company and builders. However, we are still in need of extra donations to help us cover costs such as painting, tiling, moving costs etc. We also wish to build an area for our students bicycles, a study area, play area and small farm. So, please continue to share this with your friends and we can continue to develop!


Human and Hope Association is committed to empowering Cambodians to create sustainable futures for themselves, but now we need your help to ensure our own future by building our own school! We've operated out of a pagoda for several years, but having our own school would allow us more flexibility for our programs, to create a fun and safe learning environment just for our students, and to ensure the long term future of our organisation.


We are a registered NGO based in Siem Reap, Cambodia. We believe in targeting both the root causes of poverty through education, vocational training and community support, and we also offer support in areas such as hygiene and safety, domestic violence and child abuse. We believe with knowledge comes empowerment and confidence, skills which will be used to contribute to the long-term growth of Cambodia, as well as development within the community.

Our team consists of fourteen Cambodians and one Australian. We intend for Human and Hope Association to be entirely Khmer operated by 2016, as we are passionate about empowering local staff to have the ability and confidence to run their own projects. Local people ARE the subject matter experts, and we finance our projects through the support of monthly donors who agree with this mission.

Now, to ensure the sustainability of our organization, we are planning a move! We wish to move our organisation 3km further into a rural village, where we can run our organization at a safe and secure location. The costs of building represent a very basic structure, without paint or tiling. Extras will come at a later stage; we just need a basic building to enable us to empower Cambodians utilizing our greatest resource – our brains.


It costs $14,000USD to build a basic school. We have already raised $9,500USD thanks to individual donors, and now we are reaching out to the public to secure the remaining funds!

Land Preparation– $2,644USD

This covers the cost of a land rental contract fee, which is made iron clad by an experienced property firm. It also allows us to fill the land so it isn’t susceptible to flooding during wet season, and enables us to build a fence so we can ensure the safety of our organization.

Classrooms 1, 2 and 3 - $2,695USD

These classrooms will be open plan – they will not have any doors or windows, which limits our costs. It also ensures we can keep an eye on our students at all times, and requires minimal maintenance. Our English classes are held in these rooms.

Library/Office - $4,449USD

In order to save on costs, we will combine our library and office. At the same time, this will allow our staff to watch over the students in the library whilst being able to still complete their work. Our library is used for Art Class, Movie Club, Preschool, library time and staff development workshops.

Sewing Room - $2,894USD

Our sewing room is used both morning and afternoon, to empower poor villagers with a sustainable skill. This is the room where dreams are made.

“HHA’s sewing program has helped me change my life. I never imagined I could have my own business. Now I am so proud of myself and am full of hope because I can support my family” – Saney, sewing student.

Toilet –$477USD

To begin with, we will only have one toilet on premises. This toilet is cleaned three times a week by our part time cleaner. We have a water tank and sink at our current location, which we will take with us.

Water Pump –$250USD

We will need to leave our water pump at our current location, so we will need to build a new one. This pump is crucial for sourcing ground water.

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