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Bright Futures of Bardia

Shining light on a future of possibility for children in Western Nepal through education.


This is a project born out of a deep desire to express gratitude to a very special community.

Over 20 years ago, Jacqui Holth - founder of Bright Futures of Bardia - travelled to Bardia National Park with her husband. Whilst in this remote part of Western Nepal her then boyfriend almost lost his life. If not for the local villagers he would not have made it to Kathmandu for life saving surgery.

One person in particular, a young boy with his bicycle, and a second bicycle he had sourced for Jacqui, was critical to getting help and assistance. This young boy grew up and started a school for the local children in his living room – he is now the Principal of the Bardia Memorial School.

Jacqui’s pledge is to honour the community that helped saved her husband’s life and in doing so, contribute to the development of facilities at Bardia Memorial School.

Offering educational opportunities to this community not only creates a brighter future, it reduces the risk of these children being lured away from their families and trafficked across the border into India.


Children in Western Nepal are being trafficked from Nepal into India in higher numbers than ever before.

Trafficking of Nepalese girls has increased five fold since 2013. Girls are not the only target. Both girls and boys are being trafficked for different and disturbing reasons.

"Can you imagine a world where children are at risk of being sold or lured away from their families, never to be seen again?"

Help the children and families of Western Nepal


Your generous donation helps to:

Purchase land and build two new classrooms

Allowing students to stay at school until the end of Year 12


Provide community access to education

Giving all children, including landless children, the opportunity to attend school.


Build appropriate sanitation facilities

Allowing girls to stay at school.


Purchase computers

Giving teachers and students the resources to create opportunities for a brighter future.

Access to education is something most of us take for granted, but for many of these children growing up in a remote rural village in Western Nepal, this is far from their reality. Only a quarter of Nepalese children finish high school.

Our Mission

  • To educate and empower individuals and their communities.
  • To create independence, sustainability and better health of rural communities in a way that provides generational impact.
  • Contribute to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.

Providing a quality education in Bardia is the foundation to improving lives within and beyond their community for generations. Our inspiring logo was designed by a year 9 student at Bardia Memorial School.

Our Vision

We've made a commitment to the hundreds of children at Bardia Memorial school in Thakurdwara Nepal that we will help their community continue to expand their school to guarantee a quality education for them today and into the future.

Help Children like Sushank and Lila

Sushank is in year 7 at Bardia Memorial School and his favourite subject is Science. He would like to study Science at University and is very excited that a new Science Lab will be built as part of the project.


Lila is in year 9 at Bardia Memorial School. She has a special interest in accounting and is inspired to support other women within her community to set up their own businesses. The completion of the senior school will allow Lila to stay with her family and local community.

Our goal is to raise a total of AUD $150,000


Phase One AUD $40,000

Reducing child trafficking through education

Please join us to provide the teenagers of Bardia the opportunity to stay at school to complete their high school education.

Their education simply CANNOT WAIT.

Donations received in excess of Phase 1 will be used for our planned Phase 2 and 3, focussing on providing facilities within the school for education and training opportunities in health, human rights and entrepreneurship for the entire local community, as well as for students (library, science laboratory, additional classrooms and sanitation facilities).

Building must start immediately after monsoon season (end October 2018) to ensure completion in time for school commencing in 2019.

Some amazing perks for your generosity from the Bardia Memorial School

The names of all donors will be listed on the Bardia Memorial School Website

Your name will be immortalised on a plaque inside one of the new classrooms and you will receive a personal invitation to the opening of the new school (where you will receive a set of blessed Nepalese Prayer Flags).

Give $5,000 or more and you will sponsor either the Library, Science Laboratory, Computer Room, Classroom Block, or Sanitation Facilities.

Your name will be immortalised on a plaque inside the classroom and you will receive a personal invitation to the opening of the new school (where you will receive a set of blessed Nepalese Prayer Flags).

For Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum donors, if you’d like to dedicate your donation to a loved one who shares your commitment to leaving a legacy for future generations, his or her name will appear on the Honour Board.

Why Bardia Memorial Community School?

Gratitude is a powerful force when it comes to creating magic. Often we receive something that we appreciate beyond words and can never repay, but sometimes that opportunity presents itself in a very different form many years later, and that is the story of Jacqui Holth, the woman behind this campaign.

In 1996 Jacqui and her husband travelled to Nepal and whilst in far Western Nepal in Bardia National Park he nearly lost his life. A young boy helped locate a vehicle to transport Jacqui's husband for life saving surgery. This young boy has now grown up to be the principal of Bardia school. (See Jacqui's story of how the local villagers helped to save her husbands life in 1996 on her personal fund raising page).

Our Team

Our team is made up of Jacqui Holth, Steve James & Jayne Hannam, Karen Pethard and Denise Healey.

Jayne and Steve met Jacqui (and Karen) in Nepal during that fateful trip and together they have worked on several projects over the years. Jayne and Steve have had a long association with helping Nepalese communities and schools and helped fund orphaned children from preschool to graduation. Denise is passionate about human rights and channelling investment into projects that deliver social progress and empower communities. Karen believes in the power of kindness and the generosity of the human spirit to bring about positive change.

More about Bardia Memorial School

The principal and his father have already done a wonderful job in getting the school started (in 2000) with the help of an Australian actor Ben Oxenbould who funded the first school buildings and worked together with the Khadka family to create the opportunity for local landless children to be educated.

Bardia Memorial School is situated at the gates of Bardia National Park, in far Western Nepal. The school has grown from 50 students (starting in their family home) to 553 students. Schooling is currently offered from Kindergarten to Year 10. The majority of school rooms are still made of dirt and bamboo with no floor. The facilities are extremely basic and sanitation is almost non-existent.

The school has been in operation for 18 years, despite not being the recipient of any major international aid. They have proven their dedication and capacity to provide and sustain an educational facility for the community and, therefore, the on-going project is both sustainable and viable. The school is operated on a non-political and non-profit basis. It has been providing free education to the “landless” families whose children would otherwise not be able to attend school at all.

It is the only school in the region that uses English as the principle language of learning, opening up further opportunity in tourism to the students. The school is registered in District Education Office, Bardia and is affiliated with the social welfare organization in education, Nepal.

About Bardia

Thakduwara, Bardia, is situated in the western Terai region of Nepal and contains Nepal's largest national park and wilderness area, protecting 968 km² of sal forest, grassland, savannah and riverine forest. Bardia is largely an agricultural region supported by some revenue from tourism.

Bardia is possibly one of the most isolated and impoverished communities in Nepal. Poverty is more than the lack of income and resources to ensure a sustainable livelihood. Its manifestations include limited access to education and other basic services.

The remoteness and the mountainous terrain present tremendous challenges for socioeconomic development and makes it difficult and costly to expand infrastructure in Bardia. This area receives less financial support than other areas of Nepal, as the government focus is on earthquake and natural disaster affected regions elsewhere in the country.

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Team Members

Bright Futures of Bardia

Denise Healey

Jacqui Holth

Jayne Hannam

Laura Whelan

Steve James