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By Kat & Bodhi

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We have the expertise, passion and commitment to help the youth of today.

We know first hand how simple, powerful and practical this technique is.

We need your donation to take Breathe Workshops to schools and develop innovative resources for ongoing support and longevity.

Breathe Project is an independent health promotion initiative empowering youth, schools and communities with one simple breathing technique.

Primarily focusing on public schools, we are providing free workshops as well as supplying resources to support integration and ensure sustainability.

We teach the students and then we teach the teachers how to practically use this technique and integrate it into the classroom for 3-minutes each day.

It is one of the simplest yet most effective ways of improving one’s overall health and wellbeing with the least amount of cost and time investment.


  • Human Beings breathe over 21 600 times per day. 12 - 18 times per minute.
  • We can survive 4 weeks without food, 2 weeks without water but only minutes without breath.
  • Within 3 minutes per day, you can reduce stress and anxiety.
  • Breathing is free, easily accessible and practical.
  • Health professionals all over the world are recommending breath work for both prevention and treatment of almost all of the common mental health issues.
  • We are never taught how to breathe correctly at school (until now).

By 2018, we aim to have correct breathing embedded into the Australian school curriculum for 3-minutes each morning.

Starting right here in our back yard, Sunshine Coast & Brisbane, we are hitting as many public high schools down the east coast of Australia as possible while we get back to the basics ourselves in our VW camper-van.

More than just breathing, we will be popping up along the way with epic community events as well as sharing AcroYoga and Surfing.

Where Your Contribution Goes

We are offering this project for free to public schools and communities but inevitably, we will have expenses to cover.

Your donation will not only fund the trip itself but the resources necessary to teach our Breathe Workshop and ensure integration and sustainability.

-travel expenses (fuel and van maintenance) for 2016's mission - we have moved our home into the van so we will have minimal living expenses

-production of sustainability resources for schools including posters, student support booklets and teacher integration support packs

-production of 2 Breathe tutorial videos supporting schools to integrate our one simple technique and ensuring sustainability (we offer a once off workshop so ongoing support in other ways is crucial to longevity)

-website update in order to include additional segments for youth, parents and schools

-expenses of hosting free community events such as space rental, music costs, food costs

-researcher to jump on board with the project to scientifically prove the benefits of integrating 3-minutes of correct breathing into classrooms and schools to support future grant applications

Breathe Project was created from the synergy between two young, passionate leaders and life enthusiasts with the determination to create a movement and make ‘healthy’ simple.

We made our choice to come alive, feel good and live our dream. Breathing has been a major catalyst for this choice and a technique we both use in the same moments maybe you do too.

Katherine Tucker our organising, perfectionist holds a Bachelor of Science (Health Promotion) with a published mental health promotion resource. She has extensive experience working with youth in character building and career advising, a yoga teacher qualification as well as a passport full of experiences.

Bodhi Whitaker our free-thinking, realist is the founder and presenter of Art of Breath Training, with 32 workshops and 2500 individuals helped directly since 2012. He has extensive experience as a Psychosomatic Therapist and yoga teacher, supporting youth and adults through awareness, education and action.

We know that this is our life mission and we are dedicated to make this project come to life. As of now we are choosing to have a 'soul' focus - our time to go all in.

f Breathe Project i @breatheproject e [email protected]

You know our youth deserve to be empowered by their very own breath, let’s do this together!

With you, we are evolving the world - one breath at a time.


Do you have more questions? Browse our FAQ’s or connect with us.

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