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We only started at Christmas with free 'BagIt' movie screenings, trivia nights and market stalls to create awareness about plastic pollution, covered by newspaper articles and radio interviews. Our Boomerang Bag support network is growing beyond my wildest dreams.

We received donations of fabric, sewing machines, iron and even fan mail, congratulating us on our effort and sending best wishes for our venture.

We have got individual volunteers in Eden, Pambula, Merimbula, Tura Beach, Wyndham, Tathra, Bega, Kalaru, Frogs Hollow and Quaama, tirelessly sewing bags for us, held a very successful bag sewing workshop at Club Sapphire Merimbula, resulting in 45 finished Boomerang Bags, which 12 attendants managed to create in 4 hours (not counting the 7 hours preparation work by the organizers).

We launched 100 Boomerang Bags at Women's Resource Centre Bega, 100 Bags at Sprout Cafe Eden and 100 Bags at Tathra Beach Supermarket already.

The Women's Resource Centre Bega was in desperate need to hand out produce, they get donated every Wednesday. We modified 30 bags with Borrow & Bring Back Stamp for St. John's Church Bega to hand out produce to their patrons.

If we could offer e.g. $2 per bag to every sewer, we might encourage more helpers and be able to roll out the project quicker, pay for permanent room hire to keep sewing machine and ironing board set up for helpers to sew, when it suits them.

We could get people on the dole involved, perhaps even create jobs and help organizers to cover their fuel expenses, printing costs, preparation of workshops, trivia nights, school presentations, get sewing machines serviced for $85 each and speed up stamping logo patches by passing it on to s.b. for screen printing.

Once set up we could offer sewing classes up-skilling our volunteers and start creating top-quality bags for sale, e.g. surfboard covers from recycled material.

Every bag, we create will reduce the amount of single-use plastic bags, which are used on average only 12 minutes and then thrown away.

Our waste reduction will improve our world one bag at a time and contribute to reduce fossil fuels, therefore our carbon footprint and improve our climate.

No need to wait for our politicians to wake up. We are acting against Climate Change and plastic pollution.

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