BMAC/Gallery - Promoting the Visual Arts in Bacchus Marsh

By Bacchus Marsh Arts Council Inc

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The vision thing...

The Bacchus Marsh Arts Council has a vision: "Bacchus Marsh will become a regional hub of cultural vitality where arts and culture connects community through education, participation and creativity."

Art, in all its forms, is important to our well being.

This campaign is mainly about the visual arts; there will be more campaigns as we find our feet and attend to music, writing, performance, cinema, etc.

But there’s a problem

There is no dedicated public gallery for art exhibitions in Bacchus Marsh. The few spaces we have, such as in the Library, are put to good use but they are limited. Hanging art in the corridor next to the toilets is an interesting concept, but not ideal. It's a BIG GAP in our community infrastructure.

Other towns have galleries; why not Bacchus Marsh?

And putting on an exhibition, or setting up a gallery, anywhere, takes $$$. We might get a grant, or we might not.

Here’s what we’re doing about it

We recruited some really good artists and creatives to our cause. Always looking for more artists to join us - we know you're out there!

*** BREAKING NEWS *** We have secured a space in the Village Shopping Centre at Bacchus Marsh. We're finalising what equipment we need to set up a gallery in the space. Thank you Village Shopping Centre for your support

You can help

We're putting our own money into this, but we don't have enough just now. We reckon we need another $3340. That's a pretty specific number because we've worked out the details of what we need - stuff like picture hanging rails and cords; backdrops; plinths (that's a box to put sculptures on); signage and banners; etc; etc. Every little bit helps - if we all chip in we can do this thing.

What do you get out of it?

First up - the feel good factor. You'll know you're making a difference to life in Bacchus Marsh, improving our daily experiences and increasing opportunities to exercise our minds; and that's good for individual and community well being.

When you visit our gallery you can say "I helped start this!"

Next, we'll give you preferential treatment, discounted tickets to our cultural events, invitations to gallery openings, and maybe even more when we get up and running.

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