Bike for Life

By Victoria Keeys

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Poverty in Cambodia

According to a World Bank research, 45% of the Cambodian population was under the poverty line where People were earning approximately less than US$0.75 a day.   Although this situation has improved in the recent years, Siem Reap remains as one of the poorest provinces in the country.

Disadvantaged Children in Siem Reap

During my recent volunteering experiences, I have personally encountered some of the poorest families in Siem Reap.  Some of them struggle to put food on the table, let alone supporting their children for education.


Access to and completion of school remains a dilemma.  Poverty channels many children away from school, with some children as young as 12 years old having to enter the labour market. 


During my support to some of the local schools in Siem Reap, I met Sayon who is a Primary School Principle.  Sayon has been serving a school in the rural area for more than 30 years. The school offers a 6-level education to the 395 students from the 3 nearby villages. 

Sayon said, “Students mostly come from poor families in the near by villages and some could not afford to have bikes for commuting.  Hence the lack of attendance at times.  My dream is to provide them with bikes, so that they can come to school every day and be educated.”


I have personally seen many of them walking to school around 6am for 30mins or more and returning home under the hot sun in midday.  Sadly, some don’t even have any shoes!  My heart goes out to everyone of them!

Bike for School... Bike for Life

As part of PeopleStories, Bike For Life is to help Sayon's dream become reality.   With your help, we will provide these disadvantaged children with bikes so that they can attend school and be home safe every day. 

These bikes will not only give them mobility, but change their lives as they become more educated. 

You can make a tangible difference

We aim to raise AU$6,200 to provide 93 bikes to Sayon's school in the new school year in November 2017.

AU$65 = 1 bike; AU$130 = 2 bikes; AU$195 = 3 bikes; etc.

100% of your donations will go to the cause and I will be funding my own travel expenses to make this happen.


-AU$6,045 will be used to purchase 93 bikes in Siem Reap (supporting local businesses)

-AU$155 delivery fee (from central Siem Reap to the village) and stationery i.e. labels for names

Here’s how we will recognise your support

less than AU$65 – Thank You! 

You are a legend and we want to tell everyone on this website.

AU$65 – Let's go digital!

We will send you a digital photograph of the child receiving your donated bike.

AU$650 – Let's go personal!

We will offer you an opportunity to deliver the bikes to the children yourself in early November 2017.  (Be quick to snap up this offer! as there is a limit of 10!)

*We personally organise your accomodation, local transport, day tours and certainly be part of the Bike for Life delivery to the school.  Travel expenses are not included and we don't charge any commission.  You  will be paying to the vendors directly.  

AU$1,300 – Let's go public!

We'll put you or your company name and picture on our,  so you can proudly show the world you believe in Bike for Life as part of PeopleStories.

 Learn more about us from PeopleStories

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