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Bernie doesn’t just shake! is about how people living with Parkinson's disease have re-invented themselves and as a result are benefiting from this change of mind in a positive way.

Being positive can be one of the best medicines. Indeed, science is beginning to reveal that positive attitudes, community involvement, physical activity and social interactions are all good things for people with Parkinson's disease. You’ll find there’s no better evidence than the very people themselves and the personal stories they share of the power of being positive.

Being diagnosed with Parkinson’s is a life-changing piece of news that nobody wants to receive, but it’s not all bad. After the initial shock of your diagnosis you have a good incentive to change things, and often it's for the better. Perhaps you’ll reinvent yourself, perhaps you’ll go and do those things you’ve always put off, perhaps you’ll contribute to research, perhaps you’ll connect with others in the community to share your positivity and help others to live well too.

We wanted to produce something that had an fun feel to it and that reminded people living with Parkinson’s disease as well as their loved ones to be positive.

So we brainstormed ideas until we came up with the Bernie wobbly dashboard doll.

Bernie is one of the people close to our hearts living with Parkinson’s disease and he has completely re-invented himself as an artist after closing down his real estate business when he was diagnosed with the disease. He is an inspiration to many others.

When we told him about our plan to create wobbly dashboard dolls he just loved it and offered to be the model, and that’s how our Bernie dashboard doll was born!

When you purchase a Bernie doll you are also making it possible for that doll to participate in an important event aimed at creating awareness for Parkinson's disease at THE GARVAN INSTITUTE OF MEDICAL RESEARCH, 384 VICTORIA ST, DARLINGHURST, NSW, between the 11 -15 April this year. The event opening also coincides with World Parkinson's day.

Please visit the event webpage for more information:

Come along to the event and see how well your Bernie doll is playing his part.

If you would like to know more about the Bernie wobbly dashboard doll visit our website and Facebook page:

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