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Imagine a hospital Being Your Home...

So many young children face that reality every day. They are sick, scared, and alone for significant amounts of time. Constantly being poked and prodded, and in some cases undergoing multiple painful procedures, or taking medicine that makes them feel awful. They put on a brave face and endure so much, usually all alone. But, what if they didn't have to be alone?

Enter Bears of Love!

Cute and cuddly stuffed animals with loving messages recorded onto them that the children can play anytime they want. These stuffed animals will be completely customized for each child we meet. We will personally meet all the children and their families beforehand. We will find out about their favorite animals, books, bedtime stories, activities, and songs. All the factors will be taken into account when ordering their stuffed animal and deciding what special message to record.

But we Need Your Help!

Imagine the look of pure joy and excitement on the little child's face when they receive their very own custom Bear of Love! Imagine the thrill when they realize they can squeeze a paw to hear a custom recorded message anytime they want. Help us make this a reality. All donations will go toward the cost of purchasing the custom stuffed animals and to cover expenses directly related to delivering them.

What do You get in Return?

Besides the warm fuzzy feeling of knowing you helped to bring a smile to the face of a sick child?

All supporters will receive a monthly newsletter with updates on our progress. We will include pictures of the latest families we've met and the most recent custom stuffed animals we've delivered.

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