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Our Story


Taking place on Saturday 20 September 2014 from 5-10pm, the BEAMS Arts Festival will once again immerse the laneways of Chippendale with 350 creatives working across a kaleidoscope of colour, light, movement and sound generating a veritable feast for the senses.

BEAMS is an initiative of the Chippendale Creative Precinct, a not-for-profit organisation established in 2010 dedicated to the promotion of Chippendale as a creative and cultural hub that is Sydney’s answer to New York’s Chelsea.

Last year’s festival boomed onto the Sydney cultural calendar with over 10 000 people in attendance and a dizzying array of visual and performance artists, actors, animators, artisans, architects, bespoke crafters, designers, dancers, entertainers, musicians, production companies, creative contemplators and creative agencies.

“To put a festival on for the second time is a real achievement and to do a festival that’s even more fabulous than the last year, I think is wonderful. I think it’s a real celebration of all the creativity that’s happening in this area”
Lord Mayor of Sydney, Clover Moore, September 2013

This year’s theme is Utopia with BEAMS exploring works that mirror both personal and collective concepts of Utopia to conceive a wondrous paradise nestled in the heart of the CBD.

The Chippendale Creative Precinct’s shared vision with the City of Sydney is to develop Chippendale into a vibrant cultural hub, an arts destination, a precinct that has its own flavour, character and personality.

Festival Director Nicky Ginsberg says “It’s an edgy and dynamic celebration of a precinct bursting with creativity.”

Now in its 3rd year, the program for 2014 foresees an exceptional plethora of creative individuals from far and wide with a focus on the high caliber of artistic collectiveness to fashion a street party like no other.

How the funds will be used

To produce a festival of this magnitude requires unrelenting passion, determination and vision. So far, BEAMS Arts Festival has become the exciting cultural event that it is today because of the generous and enthusiastic support of various fabulous sponsors, including the City of Sydney and Frasers Property Australia.

However for BEAMS to continue this success and grow into an even more unique, celebratory, creative, intimate and inspiring cultural endeavour, we need the support of everyone and anyone.

BEAMS represents the collective talent, generosity and enthusiasm of all the people who contribute in their own wonderful ways - that means you!

While material donations are always needed and greatly appreciated, donations of a monetary value are crucial to ensure our ongoing success.

Without your donations, we will simply not be able to achieve all that the BEAMS festival strives to create for such a vibrant and unique area of Sydney.

The money raised from donations will go towards things such as:

  • Supporting festival artists, musicians, animators, artisans, architects, bespoke crafters, designers, creative contemplators
  • Electrical and lighting equipment
  • Sound and staging equipment
  • Exhibition fittings and fixtures
  • Security,
  • Bathroom facilities,
  • Dining tables,
  • Licensing,
  • Banners, signage and street decoration,
  • PR and marketing,
  • Printing of posters, flyers and event programs

For your generosity as an individual in supporting a community driven not for profit organisation, you will be generously rewarded with one of our fabulous prizes.

Keep reading on!

As a corporate sponsor your brand will be aligned with our vision and energy
reaching a demographically broad audience in the tens of thousands, both nationally and internationally.

We actively promote via high visibility channels across our online, print and on site collateral, and you will be part of a viral marketing PR and social media campaign reaching far and wide.

We have many levels of sponsorship offering all sorts of incredible benefits to your branding and we encourage you to peruse our sponsorship document.

The generosity of some is overwhelming and we encourage you to do the same, pretty please!


Our goal is $50,000, and every dollar we raise will mean more support for BEAMS as a platform for Sydney’s incredible creative talent.

We are gathering prizes from far and wide, all sorts, anything and everything that can then be included and given a $ amount to offer to our supporters.

At the other end of the spectrum, the lucky supporter of the crowd funding campaign will benefit whether they donate $10, $100 or a $1000 or more!!!!!

Prizes currently consist of:
  • theatre & cinema tickets,
  • copious bottles of fine wines,
  • copious bottles of spirits,
  • multiple gift packs and vouchers,
  • incredible lunches, dinners and food vouchers from all the fabulous eateries in our precinct and the food trucks coming in on the night for BEAMS,
  • a romantic getaway,
  • art galore,
  • subscriptions to magazines,
  • fab clothing,
  • cool stylus pens,
  • hair makeovers,
  • tickets to the BEAMS VIP area After Party,
  • an exclusive night of industry consultation with our most exciting creative thinkers in Sydney, just to mention a few.

Project Team

The work involved in the organisation of BEAMS is monumental, and thanks to a dedicated and passionate team who work tirelessly and unwaveringly, we are able to successfully achieve a festival of extraordinary calibre and brilliance. These wonderful people are responsible for the greatness of BEAMS:

BEAMS Arts Festival Founder and Director:
Nicky Ginsberg

BEAMS Assistant Curators:
Sarah Worrall
Hayley Cotton
Lucy Joseph
Dom Chan
Taryn Colbert
Annika Harrisson
Pip Noble
Lucy Bollinger

BEAMS Administrators
Claire Wong
Amy Hersch
Erin Boyd

BEAMS Production Team:
Events Manager: Chris Toward
Web Designer: Annika Harrisson
Lighting Director: Emrah Baki Ulas
Events and Media Communications Support: Lucy Joseph
Volunteer Co-ordinator: Julian Woods and Sarah Worrall

CCP Board Members:
Nicky Ginsberg (President)
Ian Garland, Managing Director, Milton Data Pty Ltd (Vice President)
Tim Sligo, Consultant (Treasurer)
Dr Stanley Quek, Chairman of Frasers Property Australia Pty Ltd
Julian Ward, Managing Director, We Are Social
Zak Shukla, Managing Director, Studio Nuvu

Why You Should Get Involved

By donating to BEAMS, you will be helping directly to foster an expanding creative community and forge links between creative businesses, art institutions and the wider Sydney Community. Just imagine the value to be gained from contributing to the ongoing success and evolution of such a wonderful cultural initiative from its beginnings.

BEAMS is one of Sydney’s most important cultural festivals, so it’s time for you to get involved in a hugely exciting festival that has an incredible amount of potential to change the face of Chippendale and Sydney.

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Team Members

Nicky Ginsberg