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Who is ALEA Bridge?

In Hawaii, crossing paths with homeless individuals is nearly impossible to avoid. We all feel the need to help but often don't know how. ALEA Bridge is a 501(c)3 nonprofit that was founded in Wahiawa, Hawaii in 2016 to meet that need. We aim to be the bridge connecting resources from those who want to help to those who need the help. We don't just help our homeless brothers and sisters we empower them, through community partners like yourselves, to rebuild a life of Hope, Purpose and Success.

When the epidemic meets the pandemic...

When COVID-19 came, it hit us like a ton of bricks. It hit us so hard it didn't even leave the bricks for us to rebuild with. COVID-19 changed all of our lives putting a massive financial strain on everyone in the community, including our own organization. It brought Hawaii to the highest unemployment rate in the nation resulting in so many people who are struggling just to feed themselves or their families. Many of them will join the current and highly vulnerable homeless population, as well as others who are at-risk of becoming so, in relying on ALEA Bridge.

We've seen an increased number of people requesting assistance to keep their homes, be placed in their own home, or simply just have access to basic services. Those we are unable to help will very likely become a part of a growing homeless population that will continue to remain hungry, alone and forgotten with no home to shelter in and limited access to water, hygiene, bathrooms, and food. We need your generous support so that we can continue to provide this much needed assistance to those less fortunate than us.

Help us save our H.O.M.E.

Housing services & sustainability

Outreach & engagement

Mass food distribution

Empowering our clients

Life's never going to be the same. It's time to throw out the old and bring in the new and improved! COVID-19 offers us an opportunity to really assess the entire infrastructure of homeless services. We are presented with an opportunity to be innovative, create new solutions, forge new partnerships, and offer services that really work and are effective. We remain fluid and dynamic to keep our homeless community seen, safe and remembered while helping to navigate the path to permanent housing and sustainability. We will never go back to pre-COVID, so we need to reframe the infrastucture for post-COVID. It will be one built on a foundation of rethinking how we treat and respect the homeless by focusing on their inherent human dignity and using that as the driver for positive and sustainable change.

Please consider partnering with us...

We are raising $65,000 and we need YOU as our partner! Your contribution will help us provide stability for those who desperately need it right now. Please consider donating today. We also want to encourage you, if you are able, to become one of our Partners today by setting up a recurring donation to better help us plan how many more people we can help in the months to come. We'd love more than anything to keep you updated monthly on the impact you have made with each donation. Here are just a few of the ways your contribution can help today by providing clients with:

  • Copies of ID's and birth certificates;
  • Bus passes;
  • Temporary storage space;
  • Rental assistance to get a veteran off the streets;
  • Rental assistance to keep a roof over a family behind on rent; and
  • Put food on the table for those struggling to feed their children.

Your partnership will also help us to: Distribute PPE and hygienic supplies so that the homeless community can stay safe, healthy and informed; be a catalyst for positive and sustainable change in our homeless brothers and sisters; and most importantly save lives.

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