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The documentary story

Ethical conflicts erupt for doctors as the Australian government overrides their clinical decisions for refugees. What happens to their medical ethics? What happens to their patients? This documentary exposes a medical system where the best interest of refugee patients is not at play and doctors fight back against this. The government says their offshore deterrence system protecting Australian borders will fall apart with the recent passing of the Urgent Medical Transfer Bill. How will this conflict be resolved when many lives are at stake?

Medical ethics is at the core of this powerful film as it exposes this issue by getting behind hospital doors and hearing first hand from the clinicians. The film will educate Australians and remind health practitioners of the ethics they are bound by. The documentary will inform Australians and be a game changer in this front-page debate that divides the country. It will inspire the medical movement to grow, stand up and ensure critically ill refugee patients on Nauru and Manus Island are transferred to specialist treatment in Australia in accord with doctors’ clinical decisions.

What will the money raised be used for?

Waratah Films is at the final edit and post production stage of Against Our Oath. After four years working 100% independently and unwaged, Heather needs to raise $71 381 to get her over the finish line. This will specifically pay for:

  • Licence rights for broadcast archival material (unfortunately very expensive at $88 per second x 439 seconds) = $38, 632
  • Colour grading and post production sound engineering = $15,000
  • Licence of music rights = $8,600
  • Classification of film = $2180
  • Conversion of film file to cinema and online formats = $1350
  • Graphic design of posters and publicity material = $3540
  • Payment processing fees of 3% for crowdfunder = $2079

What if more than $71, 381 is raised?

Any additional funds raised will be used for ongoing publicity, events, Q & A sessions, social impact project work and distribution costs for both national and international screenings.

Tax deductible donations in Australia.

If you would like your donation to be 100% tax deductible that is possible in Australia by making your donation to the Against Our Oath project listed on the Documentary Australia Foundation website link here: These donations will then be added to the total Chuffed target.

Contributions from international donors to this Chuffed campaign can be received also. Cheques and direct donations to the Waratah Films account can also be made so do email us if you'd like to donate this way.

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About the filmmaker

This feature length documentary is the second film made by award winning journalist Heather Kirkpatrick, whose first film Mary Meets Mohammad, saw her become a 2013 Walkley Award finalist and a recipient of a 2014 United Nations Peace Prize amongst many other media awards. Mary Meets Mohammad had a highly successful cinema season, screened on ABC television, at more than 840 Australian community events, and in 15 countries around the world. Heather used innovative self-distribution pathways and forged new ground for social impact documentaries. She has since run workshops on her social impact strategies at the Australian International Documentary Conference and for various screen bodies. Heather has a proven track record in using documentary films as a powerful tool to change public opinion.

What sort of impact will Against Our Oath make?

Against Our Oath will make significant social impact with hundreds of Q & A screenings across the nation, medical forums, cinematic, online and DVD release along with an active media campaign. It will awaken more Australians and medical professionals to the ethical implications of the existing offshore system.

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