Adopt A Forest Fairy

By The Wilderness Society

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A little bit of context

Forest Fairy is the nickname given to the endangered Leadbeater's Possum which is an iconic Australian species and Victoria's animal emblem.

Forest Fairies live in small pockets of forest on Melbourne's doorstep – it's the only place they can be found on Earth. Their homes are inside the hollows of gum trees which take up to 150+ years to naturally develop. These tiny Forest Fairies are not your average neighbourhood possum; they weigh less than half a block of chocolate and can fit snugly into the palm of your hand.

But there's a problem

The native forests that are home to the Forest Fairy are being demolished at an alarming rate (by foreign owned Australian Paper's demand for woodchips and pulp). Today, less that 1% of the area where Forest Fairies live is old-growth forest. This iconic species is on the brink of extinction. Only 1,500 Fairy Possums now remain in the wild and everyday logging is occurring in known Forest Fairy habitat. Every Forest Fairy is now precious.

Here's what we're doing about it

We need to stop this precious species from becoming extinct. To do this, the Wilderness Society is taking a new approach. We're developing a dynamic and engaging social media campaign to get our message to mums across Victoria. We're asking them to 'Adopt a Forest Fairy' for their family with a micro-donation of $5. This digital campaign will raise awareness about the plight of the Forest Fairy and encourage the next Victorian State Government (post the November 2014 state election) to declare the Great Forest National Park in Victoria's Central Highlands, thereby creating a sanctuary and securing the Forest Fairy's home from logging forever. To Adopt A Forest Fairy today, head to

You can join us

We are aiming to raise $50,000 to achieve our goals.
Your donation will help to save the Forest Fairy from extinction by securing a forest sanctuary that is protected from logging as well as shift paper production out of forests and into tree farms and recycled fibre.

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