Act II: A Grand Restoration

By The Historic Palace Theatre

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A Palace For Everyone

The Historic Palace Theatre is a rare, unique place that serves as a gathering place for the entire community…

…where our children or grandchildren make lifetime memories as part of a musical production or summer theatre program.

…a place for all to enjoy popcorn and a box of candy during the latest Hollywood action flick or family movie.

…a home for community celebrations, dance recitals, 5k runs, and fundraisers.

So many Lockport residents and organizations count on the Palace to celebrate and improve our community. The Palace Theatre is helping you and your community maintain and grow our unique cultural traditions.

Lockport’s Historic Palace Theatre is embarking on a four-year capital campaign, with a variety of key projects being planned and cost estimates established. These renovations will require a total investment of $2.1million, which we hope to realize by maximizing funding from New York State, regional foundations and generous businesses, along with donations of all sizes from friends and organizations in our community. Once completed, the wide range of long overdue projects will result in vastly improved experiences for Palace patrons and performers alike.


Lobby Renovations to better welcome patrons and improve traffic flow into the theatre
Interior Paint and Plaster work to restore the historic appearance inside the auditorium
Backstage rigging upgrades to enhance production quality and bring new shows to our stage
New seats to beautify the theatre and improve audience comfort
Expand Orchestra Pit to improve musicians’ comfort and sound quality
Upgrade Theatrical and Interior Lighting and Sound systems for a better audience experience
Upgrade HVAC System to provide increased efficiency and energy cost savings

Restoration Worthy of Your Investment

Over the years, the Historic Palace Theatre has survived a fire, closings, and even plans to tear it down. The Palace now serves as the cultural heart of the Lockport community. Be a part of our Brilliant Future to help ensure that the Palace will be here for future generations to enjoy.

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