A Library in El Progreso, Honduras!

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educate. is a small non-profit, non-governmental organisation that supports educational projects and preventative healthcare initiatives in Honduras.

Located in Central America, Honduras is the second porest country in the region, with over 66% of the population living in poverty. With one of the highest homicide rates in the world, violence is also a part of everyday life.

Although we acknowledge that many of Honduras' problems are structural, we believe that it is possible to have practicalmicro-level impacts on people’s lives, and that the best way to achieve this in a sustainablelocal way is through education

To do this, we provide school sponsorship programmes for primary through university level students, and we provide funding to education and health-related projects around Honduras at underfunded schools and orphanages.

This Project: A Library

It's hard to get books in Honduras- even in large cities. That's why we're partnering with the Honduras-based NGO Chispa Project. “Chispa” is the Spanish word for spark, and they aim to “spark a desire for lifetime learning” through books. They works across Honduras founding libraries, donating books, and doing teacher development and international volunteer projects.  Over the last several years, they have brought roughly 9,000 books to over 50 schools around the country. Chispa Project use a community-driven development approach in all their work, training teachers and communities to use the libraries and books effectively and involving them throughout the process so that they take on full ownership and responsibility of the project.

The library that we are starting is at a public elementary school in the city of El Progreso. While Chispa Project will be working on the ground, educate. is providing $3,000 towards this initiative, which will help cover the costs of 500 Spanish books, bookshelves, reed mats, paint, organizational materials (stickers, an inventory etc.), teacher training workshops, parent workshops, workshops with the children, and of course an inauguration party! The mayor of El Progreso will be contributing an additional $3,000.

We’re aiming to have the library completed by April, 2018 - just five months from now!

Please donate to help us start this library!

educate.'s website: https://educatedot.wordpress.com/

educate. is a registered Scottish Charitable Incorporated Organisation (SCIO) with the Scottish Charity Register. Our charity number is SC047277.

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