A Happy Xmas for Tanzanian Orphans

By Phil Kent

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The Kids

These 17 kids live in a orphanage in Tanzania. The orphanage is self funded and manages to keep up with the basics, much of the food is grown on site and they rely on volunteers.

The Xmas Wish

For these kids, there are no luxuries. They have been thru so much and deserve something special. At a time of year when we spend so much on frivolities, let's give someone a really special day.

Toys and Clothes

Jess' plan is simple. Let's buy these kids a toy each and a new set of clothes. Something that will be their own.

1) Veronica age 13
2) Laurensia age 8
3) Japhet age 10
4) Levina age 7
5) Colbert age 7
6) Silas age 8
7) Jonas (twins) age 7
8) Yonas (twins) age 7
9) Manka restuder age 8
10) Maurine age 6
11) Joshua age 6
12) Merry age 7
13) Regina age 8
14) Delevina age 11
15) Pendo age 9
16) Mathayo age 11
17) Jesca age 7

You can join us

Jess estimates that for $50 per child, we can buy a toy and new clothes for each of these 17 children. That is only $850. Any excess funds will go directly to buying much needed supplies for the orphanage. Ever cent will be used to help the kids.


We will post photos of the kids with their new toys and clothes. If you donate $50, you will receive a personal photo of a child with their gifts bought with your kind donation.

A special thanks to Jake from The Imaginary Friends Show podcast for the promotion. http://imaginaryfriendsshow.com/

This campaign is brought to you by the Brisbane Skeptic Society. http://brisbaneskeptics.org/

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