60 Girls Back to School

By a Girl & her world

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a Girl & her world started with one Girl. She was 14 and wanted to get back to her school in rural Fiji but there were barriers. Like fees, travel fares, stationery and uniform/shoes.

Sanitary pads were also not easily available and her school didn't have toilet paper or running water, so once a month things got tricky.

So we just supported this Girl and her family to come up with their own solutions to overcoming these barriers. Five years later she's about to graduate high school and we're supporting 60 others!

We need your help to make this happen for 2016 and need up to $10,000 by early January to get the first lot of expenses sorted.

This campaign will help us find our way there.

We're a volunteer run, registered charity, you can check us out at www.agirlandherworld.org

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