100 Holes for H2O

By WorldServe International

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100 Hole Hike for Clean Water at Canterbury

The problems and challenges that people face all over the world just to access clean water continues to grow and we need your help!


Last October, we played 100 holes, walked over 28 miles and raised over $8,000 to help men, women and children in desparate need of clean water. We are back for our 2nd year and we ask you for your help making this a big success.


There isn't much that we love more than playing golf,

Awareness of the Struggle for Water

Globally, more than 800 million people live without access to clean water. Beyond this, more than 2 billion people live without improved sanitation. Both situations have dire consequences. A lack of clean water:

  • Reduces the chance for education and other life enhancements
  • Causes life-threatening illness, especially for children

100 Holes of Golf in a Single Day.

For the 2nd year, we plan plan to play 100 holes of golf in a single day - September 16.

In solidarity with millions who walk dozens of miles both ways, every day to find unclean water, we are raising awareness and money (our own money included) to bring clean water to people in need.

Our goal is to raise $12,000 to help transform the lives of children and families living on the islands of Zanzibar and Pemba in Tanzania. More than 5,000 people in the arid region where our water project will be located will be served by this project. Funds will support:

 - The cost of the drilling operations (rig and crew support)

 - Construction of tank and pump house

 - Solar energy

With your tax-deductible donation, we ask to you donate any amount that works for you (perhaps tied to our projected number of holes - 108!) as follows:

  • $5/hole - $540
  • $2.50/hole - $270
  • $1/hole - $108
  • $0.50/hole - $54
  • Or any donation amount

Your funds will be so gratefully accepted and efficiently used so we thank you for your support!

P.S. While our campaign is set up to accept direct donations, if you'd like to hold your contribution until we make good on our effort or prefer to make your donation "offline" by sending a check directly to WorldServe, please contact Danny at: 216-926-2838 or Michael at: 216-849-7246

About World Serve International 

WorldServe International, a US 501c3, will receive all donations, which are tax-deductible. For nearly two decades, WorldServe has attacked the water crisis through water project collaborations with faith-based, government, educational, and other organizations. WorldServe’s model is focused on the “long haul” and working with village leaders – including women. With water as the foundation, community potential rapidly accelerates. WorldServe believes: Water Changes Everything. To learn more about World Serve International visit: www.worldserveintl.org

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