Eyes4Everest EBC & ABC 2018

By Megan Zabell

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Eyes4Everest 2018

Hooray everyone, we are on a roll!

The Sherpas are now starting to have routine eye examinations...

Quality of life is now improving with access to spectacles and basic eye treatment...

Our initial phase in creating a sustainable future is now set in motion by having our first ever Sherpa optometrist...

But there’s a problem

We still need your support in maintaining this wonderful missions to help our humble Himalayan Nepalese

Funds are needed for equipment for ever evolving volunteer missions and to continue to create a sustainable future for them.

Here’s what we’re doing about it

We have 2 teams of optometrist volunteers this year...Everest Base Camp and Annapurna Base Camp!

These volunteers are dedicating their precious time off to provide these much-needed eyecare to these remote villagers.

These volunteers may be your fellow optometrist colleagues, family members, loved ones or your mates...

Please support them!

Volunteers are doing a good thing! Please support them by making a donation! We aim to raise $2000 per volunteer!

All your donations goes to toward sustainable access to eyecare. These donations also reward your fellow volunteers with little perks during their arduous treks such as:

*Showers - Unlike the usual hotels, showers cost extra! Trust me, after a 8 hour trek, your mates will love you for it!

*Snacks and Drinks - to keep their energy levels up in those high altitudes!

*Toilet paper - Yep you read it right! Toilet paper is not provided during accommodation. You'll be their lifesaver when nature calls...

*Beer - Who wouldn't want to enjoy a nice beer once the mission is all over?

By making a contribution, it's a win-win for everyone! Sherpas can see, your mates or loved one will absolutely enjoy these much appreciated perks and......you'll feel damn good about it! So c'mon and support! :D

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Megan Zabell