Building A School In Nepal

By Caroline McLeod

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Hi my name is Caroline McLeod and I am a Primary Teacher in Melbourne, Australia and know the value and importance of education.

Build A School, Build An Education

Education is the ticket to knowledge, to freedom, to life. The children in rural Nepal lost their school to the earthquake last April and we want to help rebuild it.

Our goal is to build a primary school for 128 children in a rural village in the Sindhupalchok district in Nepal. Help us raise $15,000 in building materials.

Earthbag Technology

The school will be made of "Earthbags", a cost-effective yet quick and durable method of construction. Earthbags are made of polypropylene bags and are filled with soil. They are gradually stacked in a staggered pattern similar to brick-layering. Barbed wires between the layers add strength and stability to the structure. Other materials such as bamboo and metal sheet are used for the roof.

The Impact Of Your Donations

A school costs $15,000

Each classroom costs $1,500

One school will be able to teach 128 children

128 children will have access to education

Photo courtesy of Bring Thoughts To Action Nepal

The Building Project

100% of your donations will go directly towards the building material for the school construction. charges 0% on donations, and only Paypal's transaction fees are applied.

The delivery of funds will be made in person by The Travelling Movement, and the construction will be completed by its group of volunteers during May and June 2016.

Photo courtesy of Bring Thoughts To Action Nepal

Join the movement by making a donation now or by joining the fundraising team!

Thank you for considering our initiative!

For more information about us, visit

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Caroline McLeod