Sacha Uku - A Steiner Waldorf Initiative in Columbia

By Team

30th January '18

Sasha Uku

"I first learnt what extreme poverty was in an African village ten years ago, at age eighteen.

That experience changed my life and since then I’ve been constantly involved in volunteering, fundraising and visiting social and educational projects for economically underprivileged children.

For my day job I work as a teacher in Steiner Education, an alternative, holistic education. For the past three years I’ve been living in Colombia and have seen the unfortunate public education system as well as the lack of choices available to families from lower economic backgrounds.

I’m now combining my two passions, as well as my growing understanding of Colombian culture to open a Steiner Preschool, together with a Colombian friend.

Thanks to my recent Chuffed campaign we can now go ahead with creating a beautiful preschool where underprivileged children can attend for free."

Check out the awesome Sacha Uku crowdfunding campaign below!