Presidents Day Fundraiser for Kansas City Justice!

By Team

16th February '18

Fundraising Team for KC!

"For the past eight years, we have used Presidents Day weekend as an excuse to dress up in costumes and bar hop in Kansas City, Missouri. What started out as just a silly day with friends has now transformed into a way to spread some love and do some extra good in our communities.

Last year, following the 2016 election, there seemed to be an excess of anger and hate ruminating in our country – no matter which way you lean politically, it was clear that we could all do with some extra love. So, rather than let those feelings of hopelessness and fear bog us down, we decided to turn our annual day of silliness into something that could help those who need it most.

In 2017, we raised $720 for the International Refugee Assistance Fund, to provide legal aid to refugees worldwide. This year, we’ve dedicated our bar crawl to the Justice Project of Kansas City, which provides advocacy and criminal justice system navigation for women in poverty who are suffering from homelessness, domestic violence, mental illness, addiction, prostitution, or other forms of trafficking exploitation and abuse.

Each year, we aim to choose a different organization that will help those who are in particular need or are feeling overlooked, marginalized or otherwise disenfranchised. The goal is simply to put a little good back into our world – and to have fun while we’re at it!"

This year, the team are raising money for the Justice Project of Kansas City. Check out their crowdfunding campaign below: