Help Vicki Help the Asylum Seekers that Dutton Aims to Starve Out

By Team

1st September '17

"18 months ago I went to Tom Ballard’s comedy show ‘Boundless Plains to Share’ and at the end of the show he handed out a brochure detailing what you could do to help Asylum Seekers in Australia.

I had previously attended rallies and donated to campaigns but wanted to do something more and his brochure suggesting visiting Asylum Seekers detained at MITA (Detention Centre in Melbourne).

I have been visiting at least once a week since then and have witnessed the devastation of detention and then the hardships associated with Community Detention. My friends from MITA on Community Detention are my chosen family and to see them suffer and face destitution because of the ‘Final Departure Bridging Visa E’ breaks my heart.

The monies raised from this campaign will go directly to our friends from MITA to pay for medication, credit and essential items.

My friends want the chance to live the life they deserve, a life filled with joy and freedom.

This crowdfunding campaign with is aimed at removing part of the burden that has been forced upon them."

Find out more about this important cause and how you can support it on Vicki's campaign page below: