New Feature: Email Journeys

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Timely donor engagement is critical for a successful crowdfunding campaign. But with lots of donors coming in in real time, how do you send them the right message at the right time?

Introducing: Email Journeys

Email Journeys is our new automation tool on which allows campaigners to send emails based on a number of different triggers.

Want to send a welcome email to donors after their first donation? How about an email to a fundraiser encouraging them after they start their campaign? Or an email to all your campaign managers when your campaign hits 75% of its target?

You can do all of that and more in our fully customizable email journeys (which are available free for a limited time).

Here's how it works:

1. When creating a new campaign on, heading to the Manage > Email Journeys menu item. You'll see a new screen like this:

2. You'll have a choice between three types of journeys: Donors, Fundraisers and Campaign:

  • Donor journeys are triggered by actions the donor does, eg. making their first or second donation
  • Fundraiser journeys are triggered by actions relating to a fundraiser on your campaign, eg. getting their first donation or signing up to a campaign
  • Campaign journeys are triggered by campaign-level actions, eg. a campaign hitting 75% of its target

To get you started we've added in some default emails. You can edit these or create some of your own.

3.  To create a custom journey of your own, just click on the +Add journey button, which will bring up the email editor:

All you have to do is:

  • Give your journey a name to make it easy to refer back to it later
  • Choose what trigger you want to send the email on. For this example, we've chosen to send the email when a donor makes their first donation to your campaign
  • Choose who you're going to send the email to. Here, we want it to go to the donor, but we could send it to all campaign managers to tell them about the donation
  • Choose when you want the email to send. We've chosen to send it immediately after the trigger (the first donation to the campaign)
  • Then edit the email subject and content. You can add in pictures if you want too

If you want to really tailor the email content, we have a number of merge fields that will make the email feel even more customized.

After you're done, send an email to yourself to test it out or view it in your browser. Then save, and switch the email on.

That's it. Your first automated email journey created!

We'd love to hear more about how you can use Custom Email Journeys to create great donor and fundraiser experiences. Send us your ideas in the comments below.


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