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By Cheltenham Cat Rescue Inc

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There were 29. Then 28

There were 29 cats to start with. All facing a very grim future. One poppet weighed just 2.15kg. Just a whisker away from getting the help he so desperately needed, tragically, his tiny body couldn't hold on any longer.

So then there were 28. Despite our financial resources and current foster carers already stretched beyond capacity, we just couldn't turn our back on them. Their fate was in our hands.

After watching Oodles die in our arms, we made a promise.....

And so here they are

All gentle, all very affectionate, we have quickly come to realise how special these cats are, despite their shaky past. Each one, so loving. We are in awe of their ability to heal. They are nothing short of therapy cats, such is their sweet demeanour and love for people.

Their souls are shining, but their bodies need help

The Great 28 need medical care. Lots and lots of medical care. More than $15,000 in medical care, just for starters.

In just one week, the delightful Mayfield was admitted to emergency with life threatening symptoms, not once, but twice. He came out with a vet bill totalling $2,500. This is money we didn’t have. St Francis was so ravaged by fleas that he now suffers from anaemia. He also has an enlarged liver and will likely remain in palliative care for the remainder of his days. Da Vinci has untreated kidney and thyroid issues and will need ongoing treatment. Many have broken or rotten teeth which must be removed. And every one of them requires vaccinations.

So we will help them

We will provide all the medical care (and love!) they need. We will give them dentals so they can eat without pain. We will do the necessary tests so we know what is ailing them and restore their health. We will vaccinate them.

And, when they are healthy, we will give each and every one of them the opportunity to live full and happy lives, with a loving forever person.

Will you please lend a helping paw to these 28 amazing cats?

Will you help us to help them?

This is not something we can do alone. We need YOUR HELP. We need to raise more than $15,000 just to do the basics for these beautiful souls.

$60 will vaccinate one cat

$150 will provide vital blood tests

$500 will remove one cat's rotten teeth so they can eat without pain

$2,500 will pay for multiple ICU hospital visits for Mayfield.


Since being in our care, Da Vinci has gone from 2.8 kg to 4kg. He is looking healthy. His eyes are bright. His coat is shining and there is fight in that there soul.


We are hoping to raise $15,000 to cover these needs. We know it's a big ask. But we also know that we are surrounded by a community of compassionate animal lovers! You are out there! WE KNOW IT!

The Great 28 have come through the worst. HELP US now give them the best. PLease help us get the Great 28 back on all four paws. Help us write the next chapter in their lives. A chapter full of love, safety and happy health.

If we hit over target, any additional funds will be used to support those carers who will have palliative cats in their care, such as Gypsy Rose, who is in the final stages of renal failure.


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Team Members

Natasha Reus, Director

Jane, Great 28 Fundraising Co-ord