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Project Background

In 2010, Pittwater Community and Pittwater Council partnered with Soibada in Timor Leste (East Timor).There are 54 such “Friendship” arrangements between villages in Timor and Australia, however Pittwater is the only one that encompasses Community Groups, churches and the Local Government.


The key objective of our organisation is to support sustainable development in the region. We are strongly committed to forging a lasting friendship between the communities of Pittwater and Soibada. This agreement provides a basis for the Pittwater Community to support and assist the people of Soibada to improve their daily lives and their future.

All projects undertaken are initiated by the people of Soibada. Further details about this can be found at

The Foster Scheme Project, a small component of the myriad of activities our charity is involved in, began at the request of renowned leaders in Timor Leste. They are extremely supportive as many of them were educated in Soibada and lived in the orphanage where Tanya grew up.

Why Tanya?

I first met Tanya in 2009 at the Soibada orphanage where she lived with two Nuns and 73 other children. Her leadership qualities and the integral role she played in the running of the orphanage were immediately evident. She stood out among the other children due to her outstanding academic and social abilities. She voluntarily performed duties as our translator and thus was very involved in the development of the Pittwater partnership and featured strongly in the projects from the beginning. She can be seen in all of the videos and photographs that have promoted the work that Pittwater community has done in Soibada.

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