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Road Safety & Blue Datto

Our chuffed campaign is now complete, and we'd like to say a HUGE thank you for all the support we've received. Together with the Chuffed donations, the support through our shop and our wonderful sponsors we'll be able to commence our Keeping Safe programs in NSW schools this year. Please continue to support Blue Datto on our website and through our Facebook page. Also have a look at our shop -
Yours in Keeping Safe
The volunteer team at Blue Datto

Our Aim: by 2020 every NSW year 10 student will have the opportunity to undertake a peer based driver education program at their school.

Driving statistics show that young people are over represented in crashes on our roads, needlessly effecting their families, friends and the community.

Blue Datto wants to educate students before they are allowed to drive by themselves on the roads, or just before they're allowed to drive on our roads at all. The program we are running is a whole car approach, everyone has a role to play in road safety.

Blue Datto is promoting our Keeping Safe programs to young people and the community in NSW. Our aim is to educate to protect lives and to keep young people safe. All of the members of Blue Datto are volunteers, all the money raised will be used to make Our Aim happen!

Find out more

Look at our website:

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Why Blue Datto: Philip 'the kid in the blue datto'

Blue Datto Foundation Limited (Blue Datto™) was formed to promote safety programs for students, their parents and the wider community in memory of Philip Vassallo who passed away in a car crash in July 2014 at Penrith. He was 17 years old. Both drivers involved in the crash were red "P" plate licence holders.

Philip always tried to make people happy and usually succeeded. He had a passion for cars, especially his little blue Datsun ute. He was affectionately known as 'the kid in the blue datto™', which is where we got our name. Phil was an ordinary 17 year old who loved his family and friends, enjoyed going out and always ensured that everyone got home safely.

Philip's family has started Blue Datto™ in his memory, believing more needs to be done to protect and educate young people in Keeping Safe™, particularly in relation to road safety.

Educating in Keeping Safe before driving

We are supporting behavioural driver education aimed at year 10 students based on a whole car approach, highlighting that every person in the car has a role to play: the driver, their driving teacher and the passengers. The optimum time for students to undertake these programs is before they begin driving or when they are applying for their learner driver permit. The program is run in school for students and complimentary resources are available for schools and their parents.

Blue Datto has pledged to provide funding to allow as many schools in NSW as possible to offer a Blue Datto supported driver safety program, helping to promote our philosophy of 'Keeping Safe'.

Please contact us for information about running a Blue Datto supported driver safety program in your school.

But there's a problem

We need funds.

We need funds to cover the operational costs of providing our Keeping Safe road saftey program to schools and students in NSW.

Help us to keep our kids, families and the community safe on our roads

Here's what we're doing about it:

To allow us to fulfil our aims we need passion, people power and funding.

We need seed funding to establish our Keeping Safe programs in NSW and recurring annual funding to maintain it. Any contribution which you decide to make will be very gratefully received, fully accounted for and put to good use.

We understand that not everybody can contribute financially. You can help us by sharing this campaign. Spread the word!

Our official launch is on 6 March 2015 and by the end of March we want to raise $85,000 (or more!). Please help us to raise funds so we can roll out our Keeping Safe program in 2015.

Yours in Keeping Safe™
The team at Blue Datto Foundation Ltd

Blue Datto Foundation Limited is registered as a charity with the Australian Charities and Not-for-profits Commission ABN 58 602 842 526.

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