Empower women with a Pink Belt Taekwondo Scholarship

By Australian Taekwondo

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A little bit of context

Domestic violence, trauma, poverty, social isolation, illness, eating disorders, bullying all have the potential to leave a woman feeling disempowered.

Research shows Taekwondo offers women: Confidence; Empowerment; Self-defence skills; decreased anxiety; increased leadership potential, healing and community.

But there’s a problem

The money needed to cover things like classes, uniform, equipment, seminars and membership can put Taekwondo lessons out of reach for many women.

And often, for those women who would benefit from the training MOST.

If you’re a Taekwondo school or club, you probably have someone in mind RIGHT NOW who you wish could start training with you.

But you also know she could never afford it. And your club just doesn’t have the funds to sponsor students, as much as you would love to.

Here’s what we’re doing about it

In a perfect world, the opportunity to realise such important life benefits shouldn’t come down to money.

Together we can change this.

The Mortal Mouse Taekwondo Blogger in partnership with Australian Taekwondo has created the Pink Belt Project delivering scholarships to Australian women in need (Over 18) covering one year of Taekwondo training for free at their local school or club.

A woman, who would benefit immensely from the training, but is prevented from participating in Taekwondo due to cost.

Pink Belt Project aims to:

  1. Remove the financial barrier to accessing the whole-of-life benefits associated with Taekwondo training for as many women as possible;
  2. Provide vulnerable women with usable self defence skills, a supportive club community, plus the personal benefits associated with Taekwondo training such as increased confidence and decreased anxiety.
  3. Promote the personal and cultural benefits of Taekwondo for women as a means for fighting to reduce violence against women.

You can join us

Individuals, clubs, schools and businesses from anywhere in the world are invited to contribute from as little as $5 to the scholarship fund which will be administered by Australian Taekwondo. Every dollar will count.

Businesses who contribute $500 or more, will be recognised (in a graduating levels according to sponsorship amount) as PROJECT SPONSORS in associated publicity including blog articles by The Mortal Mouse, press releases and social media posts.

Applications are now being sought from Taekwondo clubs and schools in Australia on behalf of a potential scholarship recipients they would like to host.

For more information on Pink Belt Project visit: http://www.themortalmouse.com/pink-belt-project/

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