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A little bit of context

We are Human and we are creative problem solvers for some of the most complex social needs in Australia today. Together, we are hoping to raise $10,000 to support our powerful programs inspiring hope for Indigenous, young Australians. There is lots of information about us here but please feel free to also look at our website.

It's our 20th Birthday in August, 2015 and for the last 20 years we have dedicated our time and resources to nurturing Indigenous young people in regional and remote Queensland who need our help. Often faced with education, housing, health and well-being challenges our young people have a lot of obstacles to negotiate to reach their full potential. Our programs strive to make reaching one's potential that tiny bit easier.

So to celebrate our birthday, we're seeking to give our organisation a little boost to continue making a difference! Please join and share our campaign today to help us change lives.

What we do

As creative practitioners, we deliver creative and digital skills development workshops for our young people. In these workshops, our young ones learn practical, discipline specific skills in performance, production and management. We generally work with people aged 8-18 years and find our programs lead to improved educational outcomes, greater engagement with Elders, less drug and alcohol misuse and clear pathways to vocational training and employment opportunities.

We have an excellent track record of delivering outcomes. Time and time again we have demonstrated our ability to change the lives of young people who are often born in areas where opportunities are scarce and success, good health and dreams are not for everyone.

Our fantastic programs have been successful enough to receive awards and funding from well respected sources, but we don't like resting on our laurels. We know how important it is to have a diverse funding model and to adapt quickly. That is why we are asking for your help.

At Human we truly believe we are part of an exceptional organisation. Not only do our jobs solely exist to help others but year after year we have managed to do things in both innovative and sustainable ways.

As a social enterprise, our commercial arm Human Creative generates income alongside our fundraising efforts, ensuring the longevity of our organisation and our ability to reach out to as many young people as possible.

Neville's Story

Neville is a young person from Woorabinda QLD who had a brush with the wrong side of the law. Like many young Aboriginal men, Neville had little societal support for his health and wellbeing, however, upon returning to community Neville has been determined to break the cycle. He now works at the Red Cross helping with gardening and odd jobs, spending his income on caring for himself and his family. Neville is committed to assisting other young people to be the best they can be and definitely "walks the talk" by displaying impeccable manners and behaviour, fast becoming a highly respected young man in his community and a wonderful role model for the young people around him.

His professional development as an artist has also soared under the mentorship of one of our facilitators Kitch, who shared with Neville his own personal story of adversity and staying on the right path. As a result, Neville has recorded two new songs this year and performed a song he wrote and dedicated to his mum at the Woorabinda Youth Festival in April. We asked Neville to summarise how he feels about his growth and what the Creative Tracks program has meant to him...

Our programs

Creative Tracks is a creative skills development program designed to enrich the lives of young Indigenous Australians through artistic skills development and capacity building in the communities of Cherbourg, Hope Vale, Logan and Woorabinda in Queensland, Australia.Shockwave is a yearly festival in Blackall that aims to develop young people's skills in creative industries, enterprise development, and event production, opening up career pathways in Central Western Queensland.

What's in it for you, I hear you ask?

Apart from the good feeling that you are backing an awesome organisation and working with us to make the world a better place, we also have a range of unique rewards (listed right) to say thanks.

We have gifts from tote bags, brooches, prints, tea towels, wine, creative consultations and more! Watch this space for updates on gifts as they arrive at our office!

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