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By RSPCA Queensland

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Digit urgently needs your help

Digit is a beautiful Blue Heeler puppy with the most soulful eyes – eyes that give a small insight into the pain and neglect that she has suffered at such a young age!

Digit arrived at RSPCA QLD on Monday night as a suspected victim of neglect as part of an Inspectorate investigation.

In her short life Digit has experienced more pain than you or I can possibly imagine - we’ve been told she was hit by a car last week, which caused significant injuries including both back legs being broken and severe injuries to her paws.

Most of us would immediately have taken Digit to the vets for urgent treatment – unfortunately, this did not happen and allegedly, instead she was given Nurofen – which has led to suspected poisoning and has further complicated her case. The vets where Digit is being cared for currently were worried about organ failure from Nurofen and she has subsequently been put on a drip to help flush her delicate system, whilst she awaits her vital surgery.

Digit has been let down by humans in the past… she really needs your help now – can you help by donating today so she can recover from the urgent specialist surgery she had yesterday?

Urgent specialist surgery was done yesterday

Digit’s surgery needs were extensive due to the long list of injuries her poor little body has sustained in her short life:-

  • Broken back legs – one pinned and one plated
  • Exposed bones in her toes – she lost 2 digits on her front left paw
  • Ongoing care and rehabilitation so she can lead a normal life

Digit’s surgery was undertaken urgently yesterday at a cost of $5,000 – but her ongoing recovery and rehabilitation as she continues to grow will cost a further $4,500. Can you help Digit start her long uphill battle to a new life by donating today?

Please donate today

The investigation into Digit’s injuries is continuing and we are confident of being able to lay charges soon but Digit needs your help today.

Please help Digit beat the odds in the loving care of the RSPCA Qld team by donating now…

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