Girls on Fire (Year 3)

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This is our 3rd year using crowding funding for our programs. Our goal this year is to raise $2,250 to support young ladies in grades 7-12, in creating art and writing for submissions for awards and scholarship opportunities well as serve a gateway for young ladies to consider careers in knowledge-based and creative economy.

The Girls on Fire Art & Writing Workshop is co-organized by Peggy Savage. We have some exciting partners: The Philadelphia Writing Project, The Free Library of Philadelphia, U School and other Teen Art, Writing and Coding Fellows and Mentors.

Girls on Fire Art and Writing is a companion program to Boys Write Now Art and Writing workshops. Both programs were originally set up as a summer enrichment programs. However, due to demand and equity issues, Girls on Fire Programs runs during the summer and the school year . The program also provides online mentoring and support for students to submit entries for the NAACP ACT-SO Contest which includes 29 competitions in STEM, humanities, business, and performing, visual and culinary arts.

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