Education Shipment - Right to Learn

By African Christian Homes & Rehabilitation Centre

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Motivated to learn

Many rural and remote West African's in Ghana have a strong motivation to learn in order to find work to survive and provide for their immediate and extended families.

High Cost for Education

Although there are many schools in Ghana the cost to attend school, while surviving or supporting others, is out of the reach of many. These especially effects the youth, girls and young women.


African Christian Homes has been working hard in this area of opportunity helping many with:

- the costs of education

- providing free education

- assisting the young / single mothers to connect with larger family support networks while they are studying

Some who have been assisted have chosen to join African Christian Homes to put their skills into action and help many others. The rest take their skills into jobs or businesses and continue to provide for their children or family.

The downside is that without help many are vulnerable to people who wish to take advantage of them.

In May 2016, two shipping containers of donated educational resources and equipment will be sent from Cairns to Ghana. This third shipment is filled with items generously donated by the North Queensland community and organisations.

The items to be shipped are required in continuing to provide the following free courses in Ghana:

- Computer ICT

- DressMaking

- Welding

- Batik/Tie and die

- Photograph

Here are the results of the last shipment of computers and printers to Tanoso.

You can join us

The cost to ship these containers is $30000. So far $9000 has already been raised. This cost is difficult for a few to carry but many hands can make light work of such a worthwhile project.

The arrival of these much needed equipment will also be a great encouragement to the African Christian Homes staff & volunteers to continue to make a difference in Ghana.

Please visit us at for more information or to make contact.

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