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The Citizens of the World choir is formed of refugees, asylum seekers, UK and European and world citizens who sing and make music together to promote integration and combat prejudice. 


The choir was formed in March 2017 to celebrate the talents of refugees and asylum seekers after we realised a community project built around our shared love of music could help bring people from diverse backgrounds together.

Around 60 people from over 28 nationalities are represented in the choir, from new arrivals from Syria and Iran, to older generations who fled historical conflicts in Africa and Asia. 

Tam, recently-arrived from Syria, says, “I saw people that I never expected to see. I hope it will open other people’s eyes to what other cultures and languages look like, to know that we all share the same blood and the same human race.”

“Choir is flying without borders,” says Sonia, a 32-year old choir member from Iran. “We are like birds. We say to the world, we are one, we are citizens of the world.”


So far our performances have included features at Ronnie Scotts, the Houses Of Parliament, on BBC News London, BBC Radio London, BBC Radio Wales, at Shakespeare's Globe, TED X, United Nations Association UK, UNHCR, Love Supreme Festival, WOW Festival at the Southbank Centre and many more!

Typical expenses include room hire for the rehearsals, travel expenses for those who need support attending the choir, coach hire and overnight accommodation for events further afield, snacks and drinks during rehearsals, music and flyer printing costs, website hosting etc, administrative help and more.

The choir is run by a wonderful team of dedicated and professionals and volunteers and we've had some amazing financial support to get started, however we need your help to continue!

Each donation is helping to keep this dream a reality and allowing us to cover our cost so we can continue to spread love and understanding through music.


Each penny you donate will go directly to supporting the choir continue to flourish as we have no admin overhead costs and chuffed does not take a commission. 


Thank you for being a part of our global family and believing in our work!


If you'd like to know more; please visit our website: or facebook page:

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