Caretaker Ties

By Aaron Kirby

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When an election is called and parliament has been dissolved, the Australian Government enters the magical twilight time known as the CARETAKER PERIOD, not re-emerging into the stark light of reality until after the election and a new ministry has been sworn in.

To be a public servant in this period is to exist in a liminal netherworld where no major decisions can be taken. Although we continue to be hard at work on things like forward planning and incoming government briefs... well, maybe you can let your freak flag fly just a little.


Until the end of the caretaker period, I'm going to let my normally exacting standards of dress slip somewhat and wear the ugliest ties I can. The ties that lurk in the back of the wardrobe. The ties that languish on the shelf even in the op-shop. The ties your grandpa wore when he was feeling frisky.

Every day I will post a picture of me wearing a new hideous tie. I will wear it to work; I will wear it all day. And you, gentle reader, will kindly help me raise money for the Against Malaria Foundation while I do it.


All money raised by CARETAKER TIES will be donated to the Against Malaria Foundation (AMF). Malaria causes nearly half a million deaths a year, particularly in developing countries, but it is surprisingly cheap to prevent. A simple mosquito net over a bed can go a long way to preventing the spread of malaria, and 100% of donations to AMF go straight to purchasing and distributing these nets. AMF is consistently rated as one of the world's most effective charities, in terms of dollars spent to lives saved.

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