2014 Coral Bay Benefit Ball - Plastic Ocean

By Coral Bay Progress Association

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The Ball aims to raise awareness and funds for local community projects.

This year our focus is on recycling and waste disposal with particular emphasis on plastic waste and our oceans. The Ball will be held on Friday August 29th in Coral Bay at Kane's Camp. If you can't make it you can still show us your support by donating to our cause!

Our goal is to raise funds that will be put towards establishing plastic waste recycling in Coral Bay that will greatly reduce the waste in our landfill and that can then go back into producing recycled plastic materials.

Plastic pollution is a global issue.

We are all well aware of the devastating impact plastic waste is having on our environment and most significantly in our oceans. Our society is producing more and more plastic waste each year as our dependence on this non-destructible product continues. Plastic waste does not break down, it is there forever. Plastic is never not going to be a part of our life, so how we dispose of it and what we do with it after is becoming of greater importance.

The Coral Bay Conservation Group

(a subcommittee of the Coral Bay Progress Association) is made up of a team of local residents dedicated to targeting issues affecting the Coral Bay area in the World Heritage Ningaloo Marine Park. Our main focus is on targeting solutions to our current waste disposal in Coral Bay with the development of our Recycling and Waste Program. Our current waste disposal facility cannot keep up with the increased growth of our town and a solution must be found. Many visitors to Coral Bay are unaware of the massive pressures waste disposal is having on our town and through education by way of erecting effective signage and the introduction of recycling bins and collection points, we are aiming to not only create awareness for recycling but to effectively divert a large amount of recyclable material away from our landfill.
We have currently introduced aluminium can recycling in Coral Bay and are working on improving our current cardboard/ paper recycling facilities. We are also campaigning for all businesses to go plastic bag free with many already supporting this move.

You can join our cause by attending the event or by donating, any little bit helps, our goal is to raise $6000 to purchase plastic recycling bins, essential in our project to introduce plastic recycling in Coral Bay.

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