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Our Mission

Familia Moja Children’s Home grew out of and builds on the belief in providing a certain future for children in Kenya.

A home that provides a nourishing diet, appropriate accommodation, clothing, access to healthcare and quality education, while ensuring that the children receive the physical and emotional care required to become healthy, successful and fulfilled adults.

With commitment, passion and an imaginative outlook, Familia Moja offers a secure and safe home for children who have been orphaned by diseases such as AIDS, Malaria and Tuberculosis or who are vulnerable due to poverty.

Familia Moja aims to have a vast and positive impact on the lives of the children who pass through our care, due to being raised in a family like environment and providing them with a quality education; giving them the opportunities they may not have had.

With a core sense of community and helping others, and the ability to be responsive and genuine, we undertake this pledge to forge a self-sufficient home that will nurture a future generation full of possibilities.

Our Vision

Familia Moja works together with the community to improve the lives of not only the children within its care but also the community as a whole. Our vision is to empower the children and their community to achieve their goals and create possibilities for their future; be it educational or entrepreneurial.

Key Achievements

  • Since our beginnings the home has grown to house 40 children, 4 full time and one part-time staff, an outreach program supporting orphaned children who are living with their elderly grandparents in Mang’u.
  • Familia Moja has been recognized and received donations from both the United Nations and the Kenyan government.
  • The building of a purpose-built locally designed house for the home has been built (however aspects are still being finished), and is now where Familia Moja is located.
  • Familia Moja hosted a secondary school group from Australia
  • Familia Moja hosted two groups of international volunteers to help us construct our home and also to work with local primary schools teaching art and drama classes.
  • We are leasing a plot of land adjacent to our home to farm for fruit and vegetables. Not only will the children learn valuable life skills this is a big step in the home becoming self-sufficient.

The bakery story

Our campaign begins with bread. The smell, the warmth, the crunch on the outside and the wholesome middle.

We think a bakery can be the beginning of self-sustainability.

From the beginning Familia Moja Children’s Home has collaborated with the local community to create and develop sustainable projects benefiting the children and the community.

A bakery is a low risk Income Generating Activity (IGA) that looks towards the future by providing a practical business today.

A bakery can:

  • cover over 75% of the orphanage running costs,
  • reduce the monthly budget,
  • enrich the diet of the children in our care,
  • great work experience for the children as potential trainee bakers and working in the shop,
  • employ additional local staff and;
  • provide a valuable service to the wider community.

Baking bread can make all the difference. Chip In to start Familia Moja Children’s Home to be self-sustainable.

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Team Members

Jess White


Raised of $45,000

Help fund a bakery that will make Kenyan Familia Moja Children’s Home self-sustainable.

Jess White           Melbourne, VIC

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